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Alcohol – a Dangerous Legal Recreational Drug

In most western cultures alcohol usage is generally accepted socially. Alcohol is used to break the ice at parties and encourages people to be more sociable. However, alcohol is a dangerous legal recreational drug of which can lead to all types of serious problems. Recreational drugs are psychoactive substances that alter the normal functioning of the brain. Many people use alcohol to change they way they feel and think, although this is a temporary measure.

Alcohol is one of the most common and popular recreational drugs taken worldwide. The major reasons why people take such substances includes giving them a feeling of pleasure, helps them relax, and provides them with a temporary escape from reality. People have the belief that they can escape from their problems and that their social structure will increase.

Alcohol abuse, along with other such substances are termed self medication, and this is especially true for people who are suffering from undiagnosed mental illness, as these types of substances make them feel much better. Alcohol is a dangerous legal recreational drug that gives people more self assurance and confidence and in some instances can give life a whole new meaning.

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The Consequence of Drinking

Some people start off drinking alcohol due to peer pressure and want to fit in with their friends. There are many people that develop a psychological and physical dependency as recreational drugs are addictive. Many people also have the belief that illegal drugs are more harmful, however studies have revealed that alcohol is the most dangerous drug of all.

Alcohol is a dangerous legal recreational drug that has been downplayed for reasons such as it gives an abuser justification to continue and they also believe that alcohol is acceptable so long as they do not participate in illegal drugs. Such beliefs make it easy for people to slip into problem drinking as the media encourages people to experiment as alcohol is portrayed as fun and glamorous. Alcohol is a drug that can result in serious consequences and that is why you should try to contact a johannesburg rehab centre today.

Free from Addiction

Addiction Can be Defined as a Mental Illness – Defining Addiction

When it comes to defining addiction you will find that it can be seen as a mental illness. As one suffers from progressive psychological deterioration, which results from a dependence on either a substance or habit. Substance abuse, like other mental illnesses affects individuals from all cultural, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Childhood experiences, trauma, environment, peers and genetic can all play a significant role in the development of addiction.

Defining addiction has been termed a clinical dependence syndrome by the W.H.O. that includes a sense of compulsion to use a substance of which the user has difficulty in controlling and terminating the levels of use. A user will experience severe physiological withdrawal symptoms when the substance no longer has an effect, which means they will then keep using more to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

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Too Many Addictions Out There

If a user is fully dependent on psychoactive substance, then their addiction can be defined as a mental illness.  Addiction can be defined by the lack of employment and family activities, social withdrawal and low grades if still attending school. Addicts invest in excessive amounts of energy and time obtaining and using a substance of their choice. Despite the dangers, health implications, financial and legal issues an addict will continue to use the substance.

Another condition that is related to substance abuse is antisocial personality disorder whereby individuals look for more harmful ways in which to harm themselves, and have no consideration of the consequences. Research has shown that around 90 percent of people with personality disorder also have a co-occurring addiction. Families that have a family member that is an addict suffer extreme stress as they will invest significant amounts of money to try and get help and emotional support for their loved one.

Defining addiction as a mental illness also happens when the addiction is also associated mental disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Studies have revealed that there is a high rate of co-occurring disorders and it is suggested that addiction starts first which in turn causes other mental illnesses. Commonly associated illnesses associated with addiction are anxiety, panic attacks and depression. A major contribution leading to addiction is due to people self medicating themselves.