About Us

Lisé is a senior addiction specialist and interventionist that deal with substance abuse and related disorders. This includes all addictions and psychiatric disorders. She will come in and assist families and clients in finding the right treatment solution for them.

Lisé has a vast network of treatment centres around the country. She also has a vast referral network of doctors, psychiatrists, registered and non-profit treatment facilities. She will make an assessment based on the needs and resources of the client and make the appropriate referral.

She has been working in the industry of crisis management with regards to addiction and related disorders for the last 13 years. She is highly experienced and highly specialised, so when a family is met with the challenge of addiction or mental illness you call in Lisé. She will come in quickly and provide the facts on the table, motivating the family and the client to seek a solution that is suitable for their loved one.

This is a function that requires a highly skilled and trained individual, so when addiction strikes, it is better to call someone in that understands the field of substance abuse and addiction to assist them in making a choice in a non-biased way that is suitable for the client.

Don’t do it alone. Get independent advice from someone that understands the holistic nature of addiction and has the ability to give you the right advice and solution for you.

Services offered

1. Addiction Counselling : All addictions trauma counselling and general therapy.

2. Interventions: Lisé only conducts one on one, face to face interventions. Instead of a referral over the telephone or internet, which can sometimes be cold or impersonal. With her one on one touch she can come in and confront a situation. She will match the client to the right institution.

3. One on one Assessment: Face to face assessments of clients.

4. Referrals: Directing the individual to the correct treatment centre or facility for treatment.

5. Family counselling: Treatment and advice for the whole family.

6. Detox solution: The client is guided through the process of detoxification and is prepared for the actual recovery process.

7. Treatment solutions: The treatment of substance dependence/drug addiction.

8. In or out patient programmes

9. Treatment of adolescent addiction related disorders: From experimentation to addiction, we offer specialized support and treatment.

10. Life skills programmes: This programme focuses on essential yet basic life skills. The aim of the programme is to ensure individuals are personally empowered by learning essential skills to deal with everyday situations at home, work or at school.

11. Life and recovery coaching: Coaching helps clients to identify and define values, strategize decisions, uncover purpose, and provides tools and perspectives for the process of accountability. Coaching enhances what we are aware of and what we want in life as empowering helps us to explore and receive encouragement for positive movement and action.

Lisé is not scared to go where angels fear to tread. The one on one intervention is actually vital to the treatment process and as a lot of the communication is non-verbal, this is required In order to gauge the severity of the addiction. A one on one meeting with a trained professional should be mandatory. A successful intervention is not a confrontation but an opportunity for an addicted individual to accept help in taking the first step toward recovery.