South Africa’s Addiction Treatment Rehabilitation Clinics (Rehabs) are ranked on par with the World’s leaders. In house Specialists, such as, Doctors, Psychiatrics, Psychologists, Nurses, Counsellors and Social Workers are dedicated Addiction Professionals, each suitably qualified Academically and Practically. They are indeed committed, ensuring you have the best possible start on the road to recovery.

Before your admission to a designated treatment clinic, you will undergo a physical and psychiatric evaluation. This procedure is crucial to your recovery process. On completion thereof, you will be allocated a specific and unique Addiction Treatment Programme, depending on the outcome of your evaluation. A Medical Detoxification Procedure will also be included, if deemed necessary. This too, is an important part of your overall treatment. All toxins and other impurities are removed from your body in a safe and compassionate environment.

All South African Rehab Clinics are hand – picked according to their overall success rate and other relevant factors. The majority may be compared to four and five star hotels in so far as the various luxuries they contain. The following features are available in most South African Rehab Clinics: 1) Plasma, televisions and DVD players in comfortable lounges. 2) Fully equipped gymnasiums. 3) Internet availability. 4) Full body massages. 5) Acupuncture, reflexology and other holistic treatments. 6) Gourmet Chefs – all meals are healthy and nutritious to assist your recovery.

Your initial Addiction Treatment Programme is referred to as “primary care” and lasts for around three weeks. During this time, you will not be allowed to leave the Clinic, except for group walks accompanied by a trained Counsellor. The advantage of this “in-house” treatment programme is the guarantee of some good “clean time” without the fear or risk of a relapse.

Once you have successfully completed your Addiction Treatment Programme, there is an option of further treatment, if required. This treatment is known as ” Tertiary Care” and takes the form of a “half-way house”. Here, you have the freedom to move around – this is advantageous if you are employed. A stay in Tertiary usually consists of around 3 to 6 months. You will co-habitat with other recovering addicts/alcoholics. By sharing your respective stories, you will find much needed support from persons in similar circumstances to you.

Most Rehabs offer an “after-care” service as part of the Primary Treatment Programme. This is most useful in equipping you with the necessary skills to prevent a relapse. Furthermore, you are strongly advised to attend regular Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous group meetings-they have been proven to enhance the overall recovery process.