Drinkers of strong liquor may be classified into three categories:

1. The User: These persons are able to consume strong liquor in a controlled and, in most cases, infrequent manner.

2. The Abuser: These persons will generally drink more regularly and with greater aggression. “Binge” drinkers also fall within this category.

3. The Alcoholic: These persons have no control over the consumption of any type of liquor and become dependent thereof. With progression, there are negative consequences associated with Alcoholism, namely poor health, financial shortcomings, loss of employment and primary residence.

Has your drinking steadily increased recently? Are you always looking for a valid reason/excuse to consume alcohol? Do you often drink on your own and in secret? Is it sometimes necessary to “kick-start” your day with an alcoholic beverage or treat a hangover? Are you spending more money on alcohol and less on other important aspects such as food, etc ? If you answered affirmative to one or more of the above questions, you are strongly urged to seek professional Addiction Treatment at a reputable Alcohol Addiction Treatment Clinic (Rehab). Alcoholism is an incurable disease of the mind-in no way should you feel guilty or ashamed of this status, there are thousands of other persons with the same disease throughout the world today. However, it is crucial that you do acknowledge and admit your inability to control the intake of alcohol. Furthermore, you must surrender yourself to this disease by realising it is a progressive disease-it worsens with time. It may also be fatal! Part of the surrendering process is the clear realisation you may never consume any amount of alcohol again-“one is too many and a thousand is never enough”! Long-term recovery has many sweet fruits as its reward, including living a full and prosperous life within society. The good news is you need not undertake this journey on your own steam. The moment you begin an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programme, you will be encouraged and motivated by a Professional Team of Addiction Specialists, including your personal Counsellor. They will ensure the correct treatment programme is allocated to you, taking into consideration your unique circumstances. They will also assist in a medically supervised Alcohol Detoxification Procedure. Alcohol withdrawal is complicated and unpleasant. It may also, in certain extreme cases, be fatal. Rest assured, these concerns become insignificant during your personalised medical detoxification in a safe and caring atmosphere. There is no reason to delay your concerns any longer. The quicker you receive Professional Assistance the better your chances for long term Recovery. Once you are well on the way to leading a fruitful life, this decision will certainly rate as one of the best you have made!