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The Dangers of Synthetic Cathinones

Synthetic cathinones are just one of many families of drugs emerging that contain synthetic chemicals and are referred to as “bath salts”. Cathinones as well as amphetamine stimulants which are synthetic are found in the Khat plant. These drugs present with serious effects and cause dangerous health problems as well as severe intoxication which have created a growing safety and public health issue. “Bath salts” produce an increased sex drive, euphoria, and users become overly sociable.


Many users experience agitation, violent and psychotic behaviour hallucinatory delirium and paranoia and in many cases deaths have been reported. In order to hide the drug from authorities, synthetic Cathinones is marketed as bath salts. These types of drugs come in the form of brown or white crystalline powder and are sold in either foil or plastic packages that are labelled as plant food, cell phone screen cleaner or jewellery cleaner.


Synthetic Cathinones are sold in drug paraphernalia stores under brand names such as cloud nine, white lightening, bloom, scare face and ivory wave and are also sold online. “Bath salts” are inhaled, injected or taken orally and in the worst instance snorted. The most common ingredients found in bath salts include MDPV, mephedrone, methylone and many other such substances.


Studies on how these various substances affect the brain are still inconclusive as each substance has different properties. However, chemically they are very similar to MDMA and amphetamines. Studies have shown that bath salts provide an energizing effect and they raise the level dopamine in the brain which regulates movement and reward and at the same time increase the blood pressure and heart rate.

Johannesburg rehab, cathinone rehab

Smoked and Snorted


Blood and urine tests done on patients admitted to emergency units revealed showed that dopamine and serotonin levels were raised 10 times higher than cocaine or heroine. Recently “bath salts” has been banned and termed as an illegal drug. Although some manufacturers have now replaced the drug with a chemical know as naphyrone which is being sold under the name of cosmic blast and branded as jewellery cleaner.


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The Latest Trends When it Comes to Street Drugs

Almost daily there are new drug trends networking in major metropolitan areas across the country. For example “Krokodil” which featured in the poor rural areas of Russia is now infiltrating other countries including South Africa. This drug is a synthetic drug known as Desomorphine which is similar to heroin. The drug is made up of toxic chemicals such as industrial cleaners, lighter fluid mixed with codeine. This drug produces similar effects to heroine, although more powerful and the high is a lot shorter.


This drug is injected and at the needle site leaves dead skin that is a scaly greenish colour, hence the name Krokodil. This drug destroys the flesh and eventually will become gangrenous and in some instances in order to save the users life an amputation of the infected limb is necessary. Other hallucinogenic street drugs include N-bomb which are being sold as legal substitutes for mescaline or LSD.


N-bomb is also known as 251, smiles or legal LSD which comes in the form of either laced edibles, liquids or powders. Like other hallucinogenic’s the chemicals affect the serotonin receptors in the brain and are far more powerful than LSD.  There have been reports of several users dying from this drug as a minute amount of the substance can cause breathing difficulties, heart attacks and seizures.


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Common Street Drugs

Codeine syrups which are known as sizzurp, purple drink or lean are mixed with soda’s that produce street drugs that create euphoria and a relaxed feeling. An antihistamine such as promethazine, which acts as a sedative is added into sweet mixtures, is a popular cheap alternative to get a high. However, opioid’s such as codeine is fatal when overdosed as codeine depresses the central nervous system, which affects the lungs and heart especially when mixed with alcohol. The pure crystalline powder Molly which is a form of MDMA produces euphoria and surplus energy can affect your sleeping patterns, cause depression and confusion.


Molly is a dangerous drug as it contains methylene a dangerous stimulant found in bath salts. In addition researcher found that the Molly capsules contained heroin, cocaine and other such substances. When taking any prescription or illegal street drugs one is exposing themselves dangerously high risks that will result in serious side effects and in some instances death.

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Detoxification and Nutrition for Opiate Addicts

Opiate addicts are often the toughest patients to treat when it comes to rehabilitation. The most important treatment issue for withdrawal is not only treating the disease but treating the individuals underlying causes. Traditional medicine for instance, there are specific protocols to treat various diseases of which the genetic variability’s are not taken into account. Not everyone responds to various treatments in the same manner, which includes the spiritual and emotional aspects.

Many professionals are now starting to treat addicts by using oral and intravenous nutrition which in turn repairs and rebuilds the mind and body’s biochemical pathways. As opposed to prescription mind altering chemical drugs, studies have shown that a natural detox works far better. In particular methadone an opiate which is prescribed for chronic pain has the same withdrawal effects as other addictive drugs.

The journey back to health should also be supported emotionally and spiritually, as addicts can be stretched to their limits in the withdrawal process from methadone. The 12 step rehab program in conjunction with family support is extremely important. Opiate addicts suffering from chronic long term pain usually build up a tolerance to opiate therapy of which methadone in particular long term creates other health problems and an opiate syndrome.

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The Poppy

Opiate addicts suffer from a withdrawal from methadone and similar type opiate drugs than any other drug. However by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain using amino acid therapy, the body will heal and the body will once again start producing its own endorphins and enkephalins which are natural opiates.  Methadone is one of the most addictive opiates as it is a synthetic morphine which why one experiences severe withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone causes changes to gastrointestinal system whereby one cannot absorb vital nutrients which can cause aches and pains, anxiety, insomnia and chronic fatigue. Methadone also affects the neurotransmitters of the brain and if left untreated these symptoms can continue for month’s even years.

Nutritional therapy is administered IV over 6 days or until the symptoms have subsided. When finally healing starts, then the withdrawal symptoms will totally disappear.

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Over the Counter Cough Medicine for Recreational Drug Abuse

In particular over the counter cough medicine is a potential for drug abuse of which are becoming common use. Majority of people understand the consequences of illegal drug and alcohol abuse. However, not many people are aware of the dangers everyday household items such as spray deodorants and acetone present of which can be used to get a high. This is true for teenagers that have limited finances and are determined to get high.

Most families view such types of medications as harmless and can put teenager’s lives in danger. Majority of cough medicine out there will contain dextromethorphan which is a powerful psychoactive drug used to suppress brain signals that trigger coughing reflexes. If a person takes large doses of DMX they will experience hallucinations and euphoria, this is why they use DMX to get a high.

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Cough Syrups are Plentiful

This psychoactive drug causes chemical changes in the brain and can also be found in many other cold and flu remedies. There are various ways in which DMX can be abused especially with over the counter cough medicine will be drunk by the bottles in order for the person to get a high.

Some addicts soak marijuana in the mixture, some mix it with soda drinks and in more severe cases will inject DMX for an intense high. DMX street names are known as CCC, skittles, and drex, poor man’s PCP, candy, vitamin D, red devils and other such names. It is a relatively cheap way to get a high as opposed to illegal drugs and alcohol. Teenagers have easy access to over the counter cough medications as no prescription is required. Many alcohols also mix DMX with alcohol to obtain a cheap inebriation.

Due to DMX being legal many people are under the impression it is safe to abuse, however, long term can lead to suffering and in some instances death. DMX abuse can lead to nausea and vomiting, and abusers can form a psychological and physical dependency and will experience withdrawal symptoms when they reduce or stop the drug. Long term an addict will become paranoid and can lose consciousness or experience seizures.

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Persistent Dementia Induced by Excessive Alcohol Intake

The most harmful effects caused by alcohol abuse includes persistent dementia caused by excessive alcohol intake. People risk long term negative health effects when they abuse alcohol. A severe amount of damage can be caused to the mind and body as alcohol is a toxic substance. The good news is that if one stops drinking alcohol, some of these damages can be reversed.

This type of dementia is related to Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome which is also known as wet brain. Such dementia affects one’s cognitive functioning and memory and presents itself similar to Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia caused by alcohol resembles dementia associated with ageing and it difficult to diagnose especially in people aged 65 and over. People that abuse alcohol tend not to eat properly which in turn causes a deficiency in particular vitamin B1.

Studies have shown that around 80 percent of alcoholics have a thiamine deficiency which in turn increases their chances of developing persistent dementia caused by excessive alcohol intake. Other terms used to describe this type of dementia include wet brain, alcohol related dementia and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Symptoms include false memory, inability to learn new information or recall previously learned information.

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10 Signs of Early Dementia

Symptoms also include apraxia whereby the person is unable to carry out purposeful movements, they suffer from mental confusion and they at times are unable to remember certain words. They display signs of paranoia and agitation, appear disorientated, have a fear of being left alone, and have problems recognizing people and objects. They may appear drowsy and may stagger when they walk. In such instances a persons requires rehabilitation.

A person suffering from persistent dementia caused by excessive alcohol intake will also display personality changes, and may have hallucinations. They are inclined to elaborate when describing a situation and are not able to keep track of time. The key symptom is memory loss as they will not display all the above mentioned symptoms. The lack of thiamine causes the most sever damage and leads to brain atrophy as B1 is a nutrient that aids the nerve cells to function properly.

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Alcohol – a Dangerous Legal Recreational Drug

In most western cultures alcohol usage is generally accepted socially. Alcohol is used to break the ice at parties and encourages people to be more sociable. However, alcohol is a dangerous legal recreational drug of which can lead to all types of serious problems. Recreational drugs are psychoactive substances that alter the normal functioning of the brain. Many people use alcohol to change they way they feel and think, although this is a temporary measure.

Alcohol is one of the most common and popular recreational drugs taken worldwide. The major reasons why people take such substances includes giving them a feeling of pleasure, helps them relax, and provides them with a temporary escape from reality. People have the belief that they can escape from their problems and that their social structure will increase.

Alcohol abuse, along with other such substances are termed self medication, and this is especially true for people who are suffering from undiagnosed mental illness, as these types of substances make them feel much better. Alcohol is a dangerous legal recreational drug that gives people more self assurance and confidence and in some instances can give life a whole new meaning.

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The Consequence of Drinking

Some people start off drinking alcohol due to peer pressure and want to fit in with their friends. There are many people that develop a psychological and physical dependency as recreational drugs are addictive. Many people also have the belief that illegal drugs are more harmful, however studies have revealed that alcohol is the most dangerous drug of all.

Alcohol is a dangerous legal recreational drug that has been downplayed for reasons such as it gives an abuser justification to continue and they also believe that alcohol is acceptable so long as they do not participate in illegal drugs. Such beliefs make it easy for people to slip into problem drinking as the media encourages people to experiment as alcohol is portrayed as fun and glamorous. Alcohol is a drug that can result in serious consequences and that is why you should try to contact a johannesburg rehab centre today.

Free from Addiction

Addiction Can be Defined as a Mental Illness – Defining Addiction

When it comes to defining addiction you will find that it can be seen as a mental illness. As one suffers from progressive psychological deterioration, which results from a dependence on either a substance or habit. Substance abuse, like other mental illnesses affects individuals from all cultural, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Childhood experiences, trauma, environment, peers and genetic can all play a significant role in the development of addiction.

Defining addiction has been termed a clinical dependence syndrome by the W.H.O. that includes a sense of compulsion to use a substance of which the user has difficulty in controlling and terminating the levels of use. A user will experience severe physiological withdrawal symptoms when the substance no longer has an effect, which means they will then keep using more to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

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Too Many Addictions Out There

If a user is fully dependent on psychoactive substance, then their addiction can be defined as a mental illness.  Addiction can be defined by the lack of employment and family activities, social withdrawal and low grades if still attending school. Addicts invest in excessive amounts of energy and time obtaining and using a substance of their choice. Despite the dangers, health implications, financial and legal issues an addict will continue to use the substance.

Another condition that is related to substance abuse is antisocial personality disorder whereby individuals look for more harmful ways in which to harm themselves, and have no consideration of the consequences. Research has shown that around 90 percent of people with personality disorder also have a co-occurring addiction. Families that have a family member that is an addict suffer extreme stress as they will invest significant amounts of money to try and get help and emotional support for their loved one.

Defining addiction as a mental illness also happens when the addiction is also associated mental disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Studies have revealed that there is a high rate of co-occurring disorders and it is suggested that addiction starts first which in turn causes other mental illnesses. Commonly associated illnesses associated with addiction are anxiety, panic attacks and depression. A major contribution leading to addiction is due to people self medicating themselves.

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How Clinical Depression Can Affect Your Life

Most people one time or another may suffer from depression for a short period, and will describe their feelings as miserable, sad, down in the dumps or unhappy. However, true clinical depression is a serious illness whereby deep seated feelings of anger, sadness or frustration can last for weeks or longer to the point it affects one’s day to day living and lifestyle.

The exact cause for such depression is still not known, although professionals believe that chemical changes in the brain are responsible of which could be genetic in nature. Anyone can suddenly develop depression including teens and children which could be triggered by a stressful event or could be genetic if certain types of depression run in the family.

Clinical depression can be brought on by drug or alcohol abuse, medications such as steroids, insomnia, medical conditions such as cancer, chronic pain or even thyroid conditions. Stressful life events such as child abuse, loneliness, death and relationship breakup’s can trigger depression. Such illness can distort your life, the way you see yourself and others around you. Cognitive therapy is a must as it teaches you how to deal with negative thoughts, and become more aware of your symptoms.

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Depression Symptoms

People with depression find it hard to solve problems in a positive manner and see everything in a negative manner. Symptoms include becoming isolated and withdrawn, irritability, agitation, fatigue, feeling worthless, guilty and self hate. Weight gain or loss, concentration problems, death or suicide thoughts and either sleeping excessively or experience trouble sleeping and other. Talk therapy is conducive as one can opt for counselling and talk about their feelings and thoughts, which will help you learn how to deal with them.

Problems with school marks, drugs or alcohol or both, behaviour problems can present in teens. Clinical depression with psychotic symptoms may present with delusions and hallucinations. Depression can be treated successfully with talk therapy, medications and cognitive therapy. After starting medications for depression teens and young adults should be closely monitored as they may display signs of suicidal behaviour.

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Deadly Designer Drugs Hits the Streets Worldwide

Krokodil officially known as Desomorphine is one of those dangerous designer drugs like heroin, and its a a narcotic that rapidly rots flesh. Until recently this lethal drug was confined to Russia and recently has been spreading like a virus round the globe. These designer drugs are a concoction of cooked codeine mixed with other ingredients such as red phosphorous and iodine. The ingredients can include noxious additives such as hydrochloric acid, petrol, paint thinners and lighter fluid.

Given such added ingredients, it is no wonder that these designer drugs have some fatal gruesome side effects. Around the area where the drug is injected, the skin will turn a scaly reptilian green, hence the name Krokodil which is Russian for crocodile. When repeatedly used, it ruptures blood vessels and leaves pungent festering sores which in turn cause the muscle tissue and skin to rot from the inside out and is rapidly followed by gangrene.

In cases that are extreme, the user’s bones become exposed through wide gaping holes. Krokodil has also been named the zombie drug as some of the side effects include spastic movements, permanent brain damage and speech defects along with nasty skin related symptoms. Addicts have turned to using this drug as it is incredibly cheap in comparison to heroin and is the meth of opiates.

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Deadly Designer Drug

Once hooked on these designer drugs, the habit is hard to kick and the effects wear off very quickly whereby the user will experience painful withdrawal symptoms, hence they need a quick fix. In comparison to heroin withdrawals, the withdrawal from Krokodil can last for a month or much longer. Studies have revealed that the mortality rate among users is extremely high.

Users usually only seek help during their late stages of addiction and end up with bone infections, severe mutilations, rotting ears, lips and noses, kidney and liver problems, decayed structures of the facial and jaw bones and develop ulcers and sores on the skull and forehead. Krokodil will destroy your life completely to a point of no return as the effects are ten times stronger than morphine.

Drug Rehab


Have the drug’s stopped working??

Do you or a loved one have a problem with drugs??

Are you unable to control the intake of drugs??

Are you using more drugs for the same “high”??

An affirmative answer to the above requires immediate, professional assistance at a reputable Drug Rehab. Drug addiction is a chronic, incurable and progressive disease. Only total abstinence from all drugs affords you the opportunity to recover. Addiction does not discriminate and no-one is immune from it- persons from all walks of life can be affected. Physical dependence and resulting negative consequences are associated with addiction. A person becomes dependent on drugs once they are unable to cope without them. They also require stronger dosages in order to receive the same effect (tolerance). Negative consequences are the end result of using drugs over an extended period of time. This may include the breakdown of personal relationships, financial insecurities and poor physical health. There is no need to wait until the above takes place, the time to seek professional assistance is right now! Furthermore, very few addicts are able to remain clean without attending a Drug Addiction Treatment Programme (Rehab). This programme provides the perfect start to your recovery as it provides a reasonable period of “clean time”. The “disease model” of addiction is also explained and you are able to share your life story with other recovering addicts. In order to recover from Drug Addiction, you must first realise you are powerless the moment you consume any amount or kind of drug-this is the disease of Addiction. Many addicts remain “in denial” of their problem. This is done by “minimizing”- downplaying the seriousness of their situation and also by “glamorizing”- adding magical charm to their situation. This may even lead to the altered state of mind “delusions of grandeur” (grandiose)- the person believes they are able to conquer the world (including their current problematic circumstances). Your personalised Addiction Treatment Programme at a reputable Drug Rehab will help you understand the obsessions and compulsions of using drugs – “addictive thinking”. An appointed counsellor will be available for discreet one-on-one therapy sessions. You will also attend group sessions, chaired by a senior counsellor. The sessions are invaluable to recovering addicts. Here, you will soon realise you are not alone battling this cunning illness. Recovery is no “walk in the park”- it requires daily discipline and ongoing dedication. The tried and tested Narcotics Anonymous have an old adage remaining true to this very day: “It only works if you work it”. That said, the gift of long-term recovery is indeed precious and rewarding!