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Over the Counter Cough Medicine for Recreational Drug Abuse

In particular over the counter cough medicine is a potential for drug abuse of which are becoming common use. Majority of people understand the consequences of illegal drug and alcohol abuse. However, not many people are aware of the dangers everyday household items such as spray deodorants and acetone present of which can be used to get a high. This is true for teenagers that have limited finances and are determined to get high.

Most families view such types of medications as harmless and can put teenager’s lives in danger. Majority of cough medicine out there will contain dextromethorphan which is a powerful psychoactive drug used to suppress brain signals that trigger coughing reflexes. If a person takes large doses of DMX they will experience hallucinations and euphoria, this is why they use DMX to get a high.

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Cough Syrups are Plentiful

This psychoactive drug causes chemical changes in the brain and can also be found in many other cold and flu remedies. There are various ways in which DMX can be abused especially with over the counter cough medicine will be drunk by the bottles in order for the person to get a high.

Some addicts soak marijuana in the mixture, some mix it with soda drinks and in more severe cases will inject DMX for an intense high. DMX street names are known as CCC, skittles, and drex, poor man’s PCP, candy, vitamin D, red devils and other such names. It is a relatively cheap way to get a high as opposed to illegal drugs and alcohol. Teenagers have easy access to over the counter cough medications as no prescription is required. Many alcohols also mix DMX with alcohol to obtain a cheap inebriation.

Due to DMX being legal many people are under the impression it is safe to abuse, however, long term can lead to suffering and in some instances death. DMX abuse can lead to nausea and vomiting, and abusers can form a psychological and physical dependency and will experience withdrawal symptoms when they reduce or stop the drug. Long term an addict will become paranoid and can lose consciousness or experience seizures.