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Deadly Designer Drugs Hits the Streets Worldwide

Krokodil officially known as Desomorphine is one of those dangerous designer drugs like heroin, and its a a narcotic that rapidly rots flesh. Until recently this lethal drug was confined to Russia and recently has been spreading like a virus round the globe. These designer drugs are a concoction of cooked codeine mixed with other ingredients such as red phosphorous and iodine. The ingredients can include noxious additives such as hydrochloric acid, petrol, paint thinners and lighter fluid.

Given such added ingredients, it is no wonder that these designer drugs have some fatal gruesome side effects. Around the area where the drug is injected, the skin will turn a scaly reptilian green, hence the name Krokodil which is Russian for crocodile. When repeatedly used, it ruptures blood vessels and leaves pungent festering sores which in turn cause the muscle tissue and skin to rot from the inside out and is rapidly followed by gangrene.

In cases that are extreme, the user’s bones become exposed through wide gaping holes. Krokodil has also been named the zombie drug as some of the side effects include spastic movements, permanent brain damage and speech defects along with nasty skin related symptoms. Addicts have turned to using this drug as it is incredibly cheap in comparison to heroin and is the meth of opiates.

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Deadly Designer Drug

Once hooked on these designer drugs, the habit is hard to kick and the effects wear off very quickly whereby the user will experience painful withdrawal symptoms, hence they need a quick fix. In comparison to heroin withdrawals, the withdrawal from Krokodil can last for a month or much longer. Studies have revealed that the mortality rate among users is extremely high.

Users usually only seek help during their late stages of addiction and end up with bone infections, severe mutilations, rotting ears, lips and noses, kidney and liver problems, decayed structures of the facial and jaw bones and develop ulcers and sores on the skull and forehead. Krokodil will destroy your life completely to a point of no return as the effects are ten times stronger than morphine.