Drug Rehab


Have the drug’s stopped working??

Do you or a loved one have a problem with drugs??

Are you unable to control the intake of drugs??

Are you using more drugs for the same “high”??

An affirmative answer to the above requires immediate, professional assistance at a reputable Drug Rehab. Drug addiction is a chronic, incurable and progressive disease. Only total abstinence from all drugs affords you the opportunity to recover. Addiction does not discriminate and no-one is immune from it- persons from all walks of life can be affected. Physical dependence and resulting negative consequences are associated with addiction. A person becomes dependent on drugs once they are unable to cope without them. They also require stronger dosages in order to receive the same effect (tolerance). Negative consequences are the end result of using drugs over an extended period of time. This may include the breakdown of personal relationships, financial insecurities and poor physical health. There is no need to wait until the above takes place, the time to seek professional assistance is right now! Furthermore, very few addicts are able to remain clean without attending a Drug Addiction Treatment Programme (Rehab). This programme provides the perfect start to your recovery as it provides a reasonable period of “clean time”. The “disease model” of addiction is also explained and you are able to share your life story with other recovering addicts. In order to recover from Drug Addiction, you must first realise you are powerless the moment you consume any amount or kind of drug-this is the disease of Addiction. Many addicts remain “in denial” of their problem. This is done by “minimizing”- downplaying the seriousness of their situation and also by “glamorizing”- adding magical charm to their situation. This may even lead to the altered state of mind “delusions of grandeur” (grandiose)- the person believes they are able to conquer the world (including their current problematic circumstances). Your personalised Addiction Treatment Programme at a reputable Drug Rehab will help you understand the obsessions and compulsions of using drugs – “addictive thinking”. An appointed counsellor will be available for discreet one-on-one therapy sessions. You will also attend group sessions, chaired by a senior counsellor. The sessions are invaluable to recovering addicts. Here, you will soon realise you are not alone battling this cunning illness. Recovery is no “walk in the park”- it requires daily discipline and ongoing dedication. The tried and tested Narcotics Anonymous have an old adage remaining true to this very day: “It only works if you work it”. That said, the gift of long-term recovery is indeed precious and rewarding!