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The Dangers of Synthetic Cathinones

Synthetic cathinones are just one of many families of drugs emerging that contain synthetic chemicals and are referred to as “bath salts”. Cathinones as well as amphetamine stimulants which are synthetic are found in the Khat plant. These drugs present with serious effects and cause dangerous health problems as well as severe intoxication which have created a growing safety and public health issue. “Bath salts” produce an increased sex drive, euphoria, and users become overly sociable.


Many users experience agitation, violent and psychotic behaviour hallucinatory delirium and paranoia and in many cases deaths have been reported. In order to hide the drug from authorities, synthetic Cathinones is marketed as bath salts. These types of drugs come in the form of brown or white crystalline powder and are sold in either foil or plastic packages that are labelled as plant food, cell phone screen cleaner or jewellery cleaner.


Synthetic Cathinones are sold in drug paraphernalia stores under brand names such as cloud nine, white lightening, bloom, scare face and ivory wave and are also sold online. “Bath salts” are inhaled, injected or taken orally and in the worst instance snorted. The most common ingredients found in bath salts include MDPV, mephedrone, methylone and many other such substances.


Studies on how these various substances affect the brain are still inconclusive as each substance has different properties. However, chemically they are very similar to MDMA and amphetamines. Studies have shown that bath salts provide an energizing effect and they raise the level dopamine in the brain which regulates movement and reward and at the same time increase the blood pressure and heart rate.

Johannesburg rehab, cathinone rehab

Smoked and Snorted


Blood and urine tests done on patients admitted to emergency units revealed showed that dopamine and serotonin levels were raised 10 times higher than cocaine or heroine. Recently “bath salts” has been banned and termed as an illegal drug. Although some manufacturers have now replaced the drug with a chemical know as naphyrone which is being sold under the name of cosmic blast and branded as jewellery cleaner.


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