The Drug Poem

Letter from my drug to me:

To my son,

From the day we met, my love for you has been patient.
In your mind I have always been kind.
My love for you delights in evil.
Once you floated on dreamy blue skies, now all your life is based on, is more and more lies.
Getting your next hit was always a must and in the process you broke all trust.
I led you to bad company that corrupted your good character.
You have always been quick to blame, now I say this to your shame.
Our relationship’s flame was burning strong, and ever since, you have done everything wrong.
I would have a laugh while you were sinning and then lie back and begin grinning.
The thing I detested most, was seeing you happy and doing well in life.
I tried my best to destroy you ever having Carryn as your wife.
The times I am happiest is when you are all alone, lying in the gutter on the back of your bone.

Letter from me to my drug:

To the devil in my life!

You delighted most in seeing me in the gutter, with not even a word in my mouth to mutter.
Once I was an honest, kind & loving young lad, but with one hit from you, you took away everything I had.
Even though I knew that what I was doing was bad, the more I smoked you, you took away the feelings that made me sad.
Once I was a worry free dove, but it was you that ruined all the relationships with the people I love.
You followed me around like I was a young scout, but all you were trying to do was to get me to use you so you could see me down and out.
You never wanted me to have a relationship with God, you rather preferred to see me weak and scared.
So now every day I shall pray, that no longer will I let you lead me astray.
I realise you never had my best interest at heart and now it’s time for us to part.