The long and the short of it!!

The long and the short of it!

My personal testimony much like many other recovering addicts.

Without the full sordid details, my addiction started in my 40’s when I discovered a deceptive and devastating five year relief to my abusive matrimonial problems, in the seductive escape from reality in ALCOHOL.

The last 6 month rehabilitation , with the love , endurance and patience of all those who loved the SUPERWOMAN I used to be, but most of all the grace of the most high God, I grasped the principles of recovery and for the rest of my life will attempt to apply the tools garnered during this process.

That’s the short of it…

Having always practised as a medical professional, one of my prayers was to be able to work as such, in the addiction recovery field. This brought my journey to SHARP treatment centre, where I completed a counselling course and have managed the medical departments for the past 5 years.

This is the long of it…

My appointment was initiated by an interview with the head counsellor, Lise Jerome. It was an informal meeting where a few questions were asked and answered whilst Lise continued multi-tasking, a skill we learn very quickly in the addiction recovery field. When she looked at me, I felt the need to ask which eye I should look at, as she clearly had chameleon visual ability! Without blinking, she appointed me to start the very next day; a mutual spiritual connection had been sparked.

From that day to the present, I have shared an exciting journey with Lise. A beautiful woman of God with an extra-ordinary insight and an Aladdin’s lamp stuffed with knowledge and experience in addiction recovery.  She has a spirit of discernment so sharp, there’s no leading HER around the bush. Lise’s experience in crisis intervention precedes her and she manages all her clients/patients with respect, sensitivity and a practical hand.

Without any doubt, my professional and personal lives have been deeply intertwined with Lise’s, a blessing I say thanks for each day.



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